2nd international structural integrity, health monitoring and fitness for service course

18-21 December 2016

2nd international structural integrity, health monitoring and fitness for service course

18-21 December 2016

About The Course:

Second short course and workshop on “Structural Integrity, Health Monitoring and Fitness For Service” will be held on December 18-21, 2016 at Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. This short course will be held in collaboration with internationally well-known experts in structural integrity field. The short course will focus on the basics and recent advances in the subjects of: fracture and damage based structural integrity for low and high temperature applications, structural health monitoring and fitness for service assessments. It aims to provide an overview of the latest assessment methodologies and procedures for assessing the load carrying capacity and life assessment of cracked and uncracked components. Methods for safe use and component replacement using damage and fracture mechanics concepts are also presented. Developments in testing methods, data analysis, failure criteria, finite element modeling, residual stresses and geometry/material constraint will also be examined.

Who May Attend

The course is suitable for engineers, researchers, managers, material scientists and technical personnel, with a degree or equivalent, involved in designing, manufacturing, testing and maintaining equipment and structures, managing the integrity of ageing structures ,optimizing asset performance and operation of a wide range components in the aerospace, petro-chemical, electrical and the power industries
A certificate of attendance will be awarded to each participant at the end of the course. Attendees will be encouraged to discuss and present their own problems in closing session.


M H Aliabadi,Zaharoff Professor of Aviation and Professor of Aerostructures ,Head of Aeronautics department, Imperial College

Prof. F. Aliabadi

Kamran Nikbin , Professor, Royal Society Chair in ‘Structural Integrity’, Imperial College.

Prof. K. Nikbin

Hosseini-Toudeshky, Professor of Structural Integrity, Amirkabir University of Technology.

Prof. H. Hosseini

Ali S. Nobari, Professor of Vibration Engineering and CAE and course organiser, Amirkabir University of Technology.

Prof. A.S. Nobari

ShervinMaleki, PhD in Structural Integrity.Group Manager – Asset and Fracture Integrity Management, TWI

Sh.Maleki CEng, PhD

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