Kamran Nikbin ,Holds a Royal Academy of Engineering/EDF Energy Professor’s Chair in ‘Structural Integrity’ at Imperial College London.

- Dr Nikbin was employed in the national steel industries in Iran in 1977-9. Since then he has worked at Imperial college, London.

- He is the prof. of structural integrity group in mechanical engineering. He is also head of EDF Energy high temperature centre.

- He is the chairman of ASTM creep and fatigue crack growth committee in the USA.

- He is the chairman of BS 7910 creep/fatigue committee in the UK.

- He has advisors to the ASME AND API579 fracture mechanics section.

- He is the Chairman of the ASTM and VAMAS high temperature testing and Standards and Codes committees.

- He is the author of ISO Technical document on residual stress in welds.

- He has written over 350 papers on fracture mechanics related testing, numerical modelling and life assessment.

- He has been involved in the following industrial projects:

- 1980s: structural lifting of TAVANIR piping structures in their plants.

- 1990: IAEA structural assessment of Cernavoda nuclear power plant.

- He has worked on materials ranging from low alloy steels, high chrome and superalloys.

-As examples of metallurgical , mechanical and fracture assessment and root cause failure projects of components,he has had contracts with ENEL Italy , GE USA, Rolls Royce Uk, IHI and MHI in Japan, KAERI in Korea, SIEMENS in Germany, CEA in France.

- He has helped develop the UK EDF Energy R6/R6 codes for fracture mechanics based failures in high strength steels, and stainless steels and their welds.

- Specific to corrosion and oxidation he has worked with EDF Energy to develop metallurgical as well as fracture mechanics based methods to predict failure in welded components undergoing creep, fatigue and corrosion.

- At present he is involved with a European project looking at the effects of surface finish on corrosion fatigue of nuclear component which may see irradiation. This project involves metallurgical assessment, accelerated corrosion testing, and numerical modelling to predict stress corrosion cracking in components.

- He chairs a renowned  annual leading international post experience course on structural integrity life assessment' at Imperial College.

- Professor Nikbin is the adjunct professor in the Aero-Space Engineering Dept. Of Amirkabir University of Technology.

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