Hosseini-Toudeshky, the professor of structural integrity and components life assessment at Aerospace Engineering Dept. of Amirkabir University of Technology.

- He joined Aerospace Engineering Dept. of Amirkabir University of Technology on 1996.

- He is the head of Fatigue and Fracture Lab in the department.

- He published about 100 Journal papers in his research fields of interest. His research fields of interest are:

  1. Creep analyses and life assessments of cracked and un-cracked components
  2. Fatigue life assessments of cracked and un-cracked components
  3. Progressive damage analyses of metal and composite structures using CDM
  4. Remaining life assessments of components under low and high operating temp.
  5. Damage mechanisms and material characterizations
  6. Multiscale (micro-meso-macro) modeling of multiphase metals and composites
  7. Repair of metallic components using composite patches
  8. Development of Meshless methods and XFEM for crack growth analyses
  9. Structural health mentoring and structural health managements (SHM)

- He has developed a fatigue life assassment software (FLAi) for cracked and uncracked components using both numerical and simple methods, Remaining life assessments of steem powerplant boiler, Creep life assessments of crack-free components using FEM and simple methods, Analytical and experimental investigations on fatigue life assessments of welded joints in the bus structure.

- He had Postgraduate teachings of Creep & Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics and Selected Topics (Mesh Free Methods) and under garduate teachings of Engineering Mechanics (Statics), Strength of Materials, Machine Design,     Aircraft structural analysis, and Automatic Control.

-He is the editorial board member of journal of Science and Technology of Composites (JSTC) (2013-now)

-He is the editorial board member of the Journal of Aerospace Science and Technology (JAST), (2002-now)

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Amirkabir University of Technology

department of aerospace Engineering
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